Arrests 21-12-2015

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Musa Amjad Teti 18-year-old and Shareef Khader Shareef 16-year-old, Khaled Saleem Rushde and Haitham Yousef Abu Gazi 22-year-old from the Aroub refugee camp.
Jerusalem: IOF arrested Musa Raed Khader 15-year-old, Khaled Ahmad Owisat 16-year-old, Ali Owisat and Yaseen Qanbar.
Bethlehem: IOF arrested Saleh Mohmmad Juhedi 23-year-old after raiding his hoise.
Hebron: IOF arrested Karam Taha Musa Masalmeh 17-year-old and Akram Rasmi Masalmeh 17-year-old after raiding their houses.
Hebron: IOF raided Halhoul town and arrested Samer Jamal Mohammad Zaatarah 21-year-old and the two brothers Bahaa and Abed al-Haleem Isaa Abed al-Haleem Zamarah.
Tulkarm: IOF arrested Dr. Abed al-Raheem Bassam Abu Shanab 27-year-old after raiding his house in Tulkarm.

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