Guidebook for the Leaders of Occupation Army: the Arabs “are Inferiors and retarded”

Guidebook for the Leaders of Occupation Army: the Arabs “are Inferiors and retarded”, and Israel is the country of Western “civilization”. The Palestinians must be used to collect garbage and provide fruits and vegetables to the Jews
MAY 20, 2016
Nazareth “Today opinion” – from Zaher Andraus:
Professor Arnon Sofer, a professor of the Department of Geography at Haifa University, and Sergio Della Frgula, Head of Geography and Statistics Department for the Jews at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, are considered of the first and the most active warriors on the demographic side against the Palestinians inside Israel.
A new book was issued by the Israeli Ministry of security “Issues in Geopolitical of the Middle east”, authored by Sofer. Despite the fact that the book title suggests, at first glance, that it discusses the Geopolitical of the region in a pure and neutral academic display, but he tries, from its introduction to the last page, to present justifications to support the Zionist extreme right ideology. This ideology confirms that there is wide cultural gap between the Arab world, which represents “backwardness and inferiority,” and Israel, which represents the “Western Civilization.” Moreover, this gap does not allow a compromise between the two parties.

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