Arrests 26-9-2016

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested Ali Bader, Mahmoud Obeid and Fayez Mohsen from the town of Isaweyah.
Ramallah: Israeli forces arrested ex-detainees Ashraf Nael Remawi 29-year-old, Hammam Muneer Remawi 25-year-old and Azeez Wael Remawi 27-year-old from the town of Beet Reema.
Bethlehem: IOF stormed the city of Bethlehem and arrested the citizen Ahmad Bassam Sheikh 22-year-old.
Hebron: IOF arrested Wadee Naser Jundi 17-year-old from the Aroub refugee camp, and Mohammed Ali al-Qadi from the town of Soureef.
Jenin: Israeli forces stormed Jenin arrested Bahaa Salama, Omar Bayan, Mohammed Harb, Mahmoud Ameen Omari, Ahmad Awartani and Mahmoud al-Atrash.

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