Bennett calls to forgive the soldier who killed the martyre As-Shareif in Hebron

Facebook 08-10-2016
The Israeli Minister of Education and the leader of the Jewish Home party, Naftali Bennett, wrote on his personal page on Facebook:

Amnesty for Olaior Azaria ..
I watch closely all court sessions of the soldier Azaria, and even if he is convicted, he should be granted amnesty immediately without the need to stay even for one day in prison.

1) the investigation process had been distorted to a great deal by the Prime Minister and the former War Minister.
The Army issued the details of the military field investigation, as if it is the military police, and this is clearly a violation of Military Justice! and this contributed to polluting the investigation process.
2) Azaria and his family paid a heavy price.
3) The doctrine of a fighter: every soldier knows that he should not shot a terrorist brought under control, but on the other hand, we have to be grateful to our fighters who are in the field, risking their lives in facing the deadly wave of terrorism.
4) To take into consideration: This person was not innocent, but he was a terrorist trying to kill Jews.


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