Arrests 20-12-2016

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Yazan Talhan and Safeer Talhan from Ras al-Amoud area. Soldiers also raided al-Isaweyah town and arrested Khaled Abu Ghosh 17-year-old and Hamad Mosa Mostafa 16-year-old.
Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested Amer Abed, Mohammed Dari 13-year-old, Ahmad Zaidani 13-year-old, Mohammed Mustafa 17-year-old and Amer Zaidani 22-year-old.
Ramallah: Israeli troops raided the town of Rantees and arrested Ahmad Ali Nadaf and Mohammed Jamal Hoshe 28-year-old.
Bethlehem: Israeli forces arrested Mahmoud Mohammed Taqatqah 17-year-old from the town of Beet Fajar.
Hebron: IOF arrested Mohammed Hammad Allami 20-year-old, Ahmad Badran Bariwsh and Mohammed Taleb Mohammed Awad.
Nablus: IOF arrested Obaidah Jbour from Salem town.
Jenin: IOF arrested Mohammed Mahmoud Alwaneh.
Qalqilia: Israeli forces arrested Eman Jalal Ali 17-year-old.

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