Ma’ariv – Thousands of settlement units and bypass roads await Netanyahu’s approval

According to Israeli sources, Benjamin Netanyahu will approve the construction of thousands of settlement units in the West Bank next week. According to Hebrew newspaper Ma’ariv, requests for construction of 3,829 buildings will be submitted at various stages of planning for approval, including the construction of a large number of units in isolated settlements outside the major settlement blocs.

According to the second Israeli channel, the settlers consider these units insufficient for them, and demand the opening of bypass roads and industrial zones, as requested by the head of the settlement council “Hashomron” Yossi Dagan.

In an interview with settler leaders last week, Netanyahu said that “the Americans have asked Israel for a structural plan on construction in the settlements.”

“It is absurd for the prime minister to provide the Americans with building plans to decide what is being built and what is not being built,” a settler council leader told Ma’ariv newspaper.

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