Arrests of Civilians 14-4-2015

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested two children from the town of Silwan, near Jerusalem.

Ramallah: Israeli forces arrested eight citizens from the district of Ramallah after raiding a number of areas. The detainees are: Taha Asmar, Jamal Yaseen, Abed al-Qader al-Barghouthi, Majdi Harb, Hamam Harb, Mosa’ab al-Qasem, Hussein Aqel and Mohammed Aqel.

Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces arrested the Palestinian citizen Majed Awad Rashaydeh 26-year-old from the town of al-Rashaydeh to the east of Bethlehem, after storming his house.

Hebron: Israeli forces arrested seven citizens from Hebron: Abed Suliman Teti 48-year-old, Musa Teti 19-year-old, Abed al-Rahman Swelim, Nadim al-Badawi 18-year-old, the child Hazem Maher Ra’e 15-year-old from the Arroub refugee camp, Yousef Abed al-Hadi Masalmi from the town of Dura and the child Ala’a al-Din Hasan Sharawneh 13-year-old from the old city of Hebron.

Qalqilia: Israeli forces arrested three ex-detainees from the district of Qalqilia, they are Mosa Abed al-Raheem Sawi 29-year-old, Emad Jalal Ju’edi 27-year-old and Saleh Khaled Dawood 30-year-old.

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested Fu’ad Qaq and Ali Da’na from the town of Silwan, to the north of Al-Aqsa mosque. They were sent into the investigation center of Maskobeyah to the west of Jerusalem.

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