To prevent publishing the truth – violations of the occupation army continues against journalists

violations against journalists

The Israeli occupation forces continued to target journalists working in Gaza Strip and the West Bank. On Friday, May 11, 2015, six journalists were wounded by live bullets and gas bombs, which deliberately launched where media crews working in local, Arab and international channels were present. Palestinian TV journalists were beaten and their equipment were damaged.

  1. Journalist Moatasem Ahmad Dalloul injured with live bullets in his lung in Gaza
  2. Journalist Mohammed al-Thalaini, a German agency photographer, injured by a gas bomb in his foot east of Khan Yunis.
  3. Journalist Yasser Fathi Qudeih from the Palestine newspaper injured by a gas bomb in his foot east of Khan Yunis.
  4. Journalist Mo’men Qureiki’ transferred to hospital due to gas inhalation east of Gaza
  5. Journalist Safinaz Bakr al-Louh directly targeted by poison gas east of Gaza
  6. Journalist D’ia Abu Aoun injured by a gas bomb in his foot east of Gaza.
  7. In Jerusalem, the crew of the General Authority of Radio and Television was injured as a result of being attacked by the Israeli occupation forces. The television camera was also destroyed during broadcasting.

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate said in a statement that “all these violations confirm the need for our journalists to be internationally protected”.

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