Arrests of Civilians 17-11-2014

Nablus- Israeli occupation forces stormed Nablus and arrested Alaa Ahmad Qudsi.

Nablus- Israeli occupation forces arrested Naser Hasan Arafat from the Balata refugee camp.

Tulkarm- Israeli occupation forces stormed the neighborhood of Shwekeh and arrested Hamza Mohammed 18-year-old, Ahmad Ekbareyah 22-year-old and Mo’ath Jamal 21-year-old. Israeli occupation forces also stormed the town of Inibtia and arrested Mohammed Sharaqa 22-year-old.

Bethlehem- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Beet Jala and the two refugee camps of Aidah and Izza. Soldiers arrested Hamza Adnan Abu Srour 23-year-old, Alaa al-Din Abed al-Aziz Abu Srour 24-year-old from Aidah refugee camp, Ahmad Issam Abu Tarboush 19-year-old, Amro Mohammad Atallah 25-year-old from the Izza refugee camp and Sajed Ahmad Jaraweesh from the area of Jadawel in Beet Jala.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Sa’eer and searched a number of houses, and arrested Issam Jabreen Shalaldeh 35-year-old.

Hebron- Israeli forces arrested Mus Da’ajneh from the town of Yata.

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