Arrests of Civilians 20-4-2015

Jerusalem: Israeli forces stormed a number of neighborhoods in the occupied Jerusalem and arrested three citizens after beating them up: Yazan Yusri Abu Sneeneh 22-year-old, the brothers Ashraf 22-year-old and Sharaf Shukri Fakhur.

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested in Jerusalem Mohammed Waleed Kastero 19-year-old, Mohammed Naser Abasi 20-year-old and thr brothers Mohammed 17-year-old and Bahaa Ahmad Abasi 19-year-old.
Bethlehem: Israeli forces arrested 4 citizens from the town of Beet Fajar: Ibrahim Taqatqah 25-year-old, Eid Ahmad Taqatqah 27-year-old, Hussam Kamel Taqatqah 26-year-old and Shawqi Naser Taqatqah 40-year-old.

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