Arrests 15-6-2015

Jerusalem: Four citizens were arrested by Israeli soldiers who sent them into interrogation.

Jerusalem: IOF arrested the ex-detainee Sohaib Aawar 18-year-old from the town of Silwan near Jerusalem.

Jenin: IOF arrested the citizen Zeyad Abu Tabeekh 19-year-old from Jenin.

Bethlehem: IOF arrested the two brothers Shadi 27-year-old and Murad 20-year-old from the town of Taqou’ near Bethlehem.

Hebron: IOF arrested Fadel Jamal Abed al-Hafeez from Hebron.

Hebron: IOF arrested the citizen Islam Ahmad Muheesen 18-year-old from the Aroup refugee camp.

Hebron: IOF arrested Ahmad Mohammad Murshed 28-year-old from the town of Beet Umar.

Nablus: IOF arrested Baraa Issam Jarabeh 21-year-old from Nablus.

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