Demolitions of homes – 12-05-2014

The Occupation is trying to create a new catastrophe to the residents of Al-Malih in the Jordan Valley. It notifies seven families living in Al-Mayta and Al-Hammamat area to demolish their tents and barracks until the first of the next month (June), They are:
1 – A’aid Salman Warrad Zawahra, 7 people
2 – Mariam Abd U’dih Zawahra, widow
3 – Abd Ali Musa Najada, 8 people
4 – Salem Salman Arahil Najada, 9 people
5 – Khaled Salameh Salem Al-Faqir, 11 people
6 – Ali Salameh U’dih Al-Faqir, 8 people
7 – Salameh Ali Salameh Al-Faqir 5 people

Note that five of these families had their tents and facilities demolished more than once by the occupation in 2012 and it is still chasing them wherever they go.

الاغوار هدم منازل

الاغوار هدم منازل

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