Assaults on Properties – 12-05-2014

The Israeli occupation confiscated the water tank of the residents if Wadi Al-Malih the nearby villages in the northern Jordan Valley when the population tried to cultivate a thousand olive trees in Khirbet Samra in the Jordan Valley. Its lands are threatened with confiscation for Israeli military exercises.

“The confiscated water tank was benefiting more than 300 citizens,” said A’ref Daraghmeh, the chairman of of Wadi Al-Malih village Council, it was also saving them large sums of money and great deal of time and effort. Whereas the tank provided water to the citizen at a price of 130 NIS for 11 cubes of water and it was driving for 50 km to the farthest area, and 15 km to the nearest one. The chairman of the council adds that the residents are suffering nowadays from the lack of water and bring it through private tanks at a price of 300 11 NIS for 11 cubes and it is not available at all times.

Knowing that the tank was confiscated on 04/07/2014 and the occupation still refuses to give it back.

صهريج ماء

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