A society close to Netanyahu spends millions of dollars annually to support settlements and settlers

The Israeli societies Registrar revealed that the society of “Israel Sigal Fund” supported by figures close to Netanyahu, is exploiting its work as a society to pump money to support the far right, in order to pass millions of dollars annually to support settlements and settlers.

This society is funded by the Jewish family of Vilak in Panama (one of the wealthiest Jewish families in the world and from families that fund Netanyahu’s election campaigns and others).

Another society called “Kern Segal for Israel”, which was officially registered in 2007. Its objectives are to “establish and develop educational and cultural projects” for the so-called “Israeli heritage” and on Jewish settlement in Jerusalem and Palestine, and to initiate “to establish and support projects and activities for Israel and the heritage of Israel.”

However, the Societies Registrar found that this society is merely a channel for the transfer of funds to the most dangerous settler gangs that is active in occupied Jerusalem and various locations in the occupied West Bank. It is also active in funding this settlement activity. It supports Elad gang, which specializes in settlement in the Old City of Jerusalem and around it, especially in digging tunnels under Al-Aqsa Mosque.

It is also clear that the Flick family financed settlement projects in Silwan neighborhood adjacent to the southern Al Aqsa Mosque. It also funds a terrorist gang called “Fund for the Care of the Zionist Idea and achieving it according to Jewish roots.” An Israeli investigation indicated that the Registrar of Associations did not recommend that the Association should be prosecuted legally, but merely demanded it to act according to the program on which it was established.

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