Weekly Report on Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

During the reporting period (17/8/2017 – 23/8/2017), the Israeli warry occupation forces continued their grave and systematic violations of the rules of international humanitarian law and international human rights law in the occupied Palestinian territory. These violations have been clearly shown in the use of armed force against Palestinian civilians, the tightening of the policy of siege and closure, the appropriation of land to serve its settlement projects, the judaization of Jerusalem, the arbitrary arrests and tracking the farmers. These systematic violations are taking place in the shadow of the international community’s silence, prompting Israel and its army to act as a state above the law.

Summary of violations from 17/8/2017 to 23/8/2017

On 19 August, the Israeli occupation forces killed a Palestinian child (Qutaiba Zahran, 17 years) at the Za’tara checkpoint, south of Nablus.

Five Palestinian civilians, including a child, were injured in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Arrest of 49 citizens, including 14 children, 27 of whom, including 11 children, were arrested in the Jerusalem governorate

On 17 August 2017, in the framework of the policy of collective punishment, a house was exploded in the village of Deir Abu Mish’al, northwest of Ramallah

On 22 August, the Israeli occupation forces razed a house belonging to Abu Sneineh family in Silwan for the second time in one week

On 22/8/2017, the Israeli occupation forces confiscated tin-built rooms in Jib al-Zib school, east of Bethlehem

The Israeli occupation forces fired at the fishing boats in the northern Gaza Strip, causing no injuries or damage.

The Israeli occupation forces continue to divide the West Bank into cantons and continue to obstruct the movement of Palestinian citizens in the West Bank at flying and permanent checkpoints


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