Arrests of Civilians – 11-05-2014

Jerusalem – IOF arrested Shabi Abdullah from the town of Bir Nabala.

Jerusalem – IOF arrested three youths, residents of East Jerusalem, at al-Za’em military checkpoint, to the north of the city.

Jerusalem – IOF arrested five citizens after storming their houses in the village of al-Isawia. Soldiers arrested Ali Derbas 38-year-old, Mohammad Rajab Obeid 19-year-old, Lutfi Khaleel Dari 44-year-old, Yser Darweesh and Mohammad Jebril Darweesh. IOF also stormed a number of houses and embarked on arbitrary detentions.

Ramallah – IOF arrested citizens in Ramallah: Jamal Abed al-Jaleel Abu Salem, Seed Rebhi 31-year-old, Khaled Mutir 22-year-old and Shafiq Awad 17-year-old.

Qalqilia – IOF arrested Ra’fat Sameeh Abu Hanyah.

Nablus – IOF arrested Mahmoud Fathi Jabali 20-year-old, Suliman Abu Asab 23-year-old and Eyad Sobhi Abu Asab 20-year-old.

Bethlehem – IOF raided the village of Taqou’ and arrested Ahmad Khaled Amour 14-year-old and the two brothers Kareem 18-year-old and Musa Mohammad Amour 15-year-old.
Hebron – IOF arrested Mohammad Jawabri 17-year-old and Ibrahim Balasi 19-year-old from Arroub refugee camp.

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