To support settlement – the occupation decides to displace 30 Palestinian families from the Jordan Valley

In the context of the continuing occupation plans to control the northern Jordan Valley, the Israeli occupation forces notified the families in Al-Maleh area in the northern Jordan Valley, to evacuate approximately 60 facilities in the area, where 30 families, comprising 200 individuals, live.

The notification came to the families with the signature and decision of the so-called commander of the occupation forces in the West Bank, informing families to leave their land and houses during the period specified in the notification, which is eight days, to be confiscated for building settlements on them.

The Israeli press quoted a plan prepared by the Israeli Minister of Housing and Construction to increase settlement activity in the Jordan Valley, to increase the number of settlers from 6,000 to 12,000 and provide facilities, as well as marketing campaigns to attract settlers to the Jordan Valley.

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