Arrests of Civilians – 01-06-2014

Nablus – The occupation forces stormed A’sira Al-Qibliyya and arrested eight citizens: Mutassim Ahmed Saleh, the two brothers Nimer and Nasir Fathi A’sayrih, Jihad Muhammad A’sayrih, Sari Bassam A’sayrih, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Ahmed, Mohammed Fawwaz Saleh, Mohammed Jihad A’sayrih. They also stormed A’skar refugee camp and arrested Ahmed Mohsen Jarad (21 years).

Bethlehem – The occupation forces stormed Al-A’zza refugee camp and arrested Mohamed Fouad A’daween (22 years).

Bethlehem – The occupation forces arrested Ahmed E’smat Salah (13 years) from Sae’ed Al-A’as School in Al-Khadir town.

Hebron – The occupation forces arrested Fadi Mohammad Ismail Halayqah (23 years) from Shyookh, as he was taking part in activities in support to the prisoners and took him to an unknown destination.

Hebron – The occupation forces stormed Dura and arrested Mohammed Riziq Abriwish (23 years).

Hebron – The occupation forces arrested Malik Abu Zalata on the Container checkpoint.

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