Weekly Report on Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory From (14/12/2017 to 20/12/2017)

Weekly Report on Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

The occupied Palestinian territory witnesses more Israeli war crimes

From (14/12/2017 to 20/12/2017)


During the period covered by the present report (14/12/2017 – 20/12/2017), Israeli Occupation Forces continued their grave and systematic violations of the rules of international humanitarian law and international human rights law in the occupied Palestinian territory. These violations were manifested in the use of armed force against Palestinian civilians, tightening the policy of blockade and closure, the appropriation of land to serve its settlement projects, and the Judaization of Jerusalem.

  • The Israeli occupation forces increase the use of excessive force against protest marches in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
  • Four Palestinian civilians, including one who has no legs, were killed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
  • (256) Palestinian civilians, including (29) children, (5) journalists, and (4) paramedics were injured by the Israeli forces
  • The Israeli occupation forces carried out 67 incursions into the West Bank and 3 incursions into the Gaza Strip
  • 105 Palestinians, including 17 children and 4 women, were arrested in the incursions and protest marches in the West Bank
  • 48 of them, including 6 children and 2 women, were arrested in Jerusalem governorate
  • Four printers in Nablus and Hebron were stormed by the Israeli forces in search of publications
  • The Israeli occupation authorities continue to Judaize the occupied East Jerusalem
  • A citizen was forced to demolish his house in Ras al-Amud neighborhood
  • Shooting in (9) times towards fishing boats at sea
  • The occupation forces continue to divide the West Bank into cantons and continue its unjust blockade on Gaza Strip for the eleventh consecutive year

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