American study reveals the danger of Israeli tear gas

This gas has serious effects such as unconsciousness, abortion and breathing difficulties

A recent US study titled “No Safe Space” reveals the Health Effects of Tear Gas among Palestinian Refugees”.

The constant use of tear gas by the Israeli occupying forces in Palestinian refugee camps destroys the physical and psychological health of Palestinians, especially women, children and the elderly. The study calls the Israeli Government to disclose information on the types of chemical irritants used in the West Bank, including its chemical composition, so that specialists can provide appropriate treatment for those who have gas suffocations.

The study prepared by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and published on the university’s website explained that Aida refugee camp, near the Palestinian city of Bethlehem in the south of the West Bank, is the most area exposed to tear gas in the world.

The results revealed that 100% of the surveyed population were exposed to tear gas last year, with 84.3% of them exposed to gas while they were in their homes, 9.4% said they inhaled gas while they were in their workplace, 10.7% were in school, and 8% 5% were in cars.

The researchers concluded that the Israeli occupation forces use tear gas in a widespread, frequent and indiscriminate manner, and it may be contrary to the international rules.

“The study revealed that these quantities of tear gas have never been used in a region around the world for so long,” said lead researcher Rohini Har.

The authors called the Israeli occupation forces to stop using of tear gas in ways that increase the risk of injury and unexplained death immediately.

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