Netanyahu’s government gives to settlers a green light to steal Palestinian land

It increasingly becomes apparent that Netanyahu government is devoting more budgets for settlement associations that are operating in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, including “Regavim” settlement association, which is active in evacuating Palestinian residents from their land and erecting settlement outposts.

The member of the Knesset from the “Jewish House” Betzeliel Smutrich, is one of the founders of this settlement association

The Israeli government devotes budgets estimated at millions of shekels of public funds through the settlement regional councils in the occupied West Bank. Retired Judge, Yosef Shapira, (observer of the occupying state) reported that the criteria for allocating funds and budgets for the Society “Land Preservation” is specifically designed for “Regavim”, so that only this society can get these budgets.

At the same time, the Ministry of the occupation army appointed in the past year a secret committee consisting of 4-5 people, and began to prepare various maps for more than 70 outposts not legalized yet in order to legitimate them. Additionally, accelerating the pace of settlement in the Jordan Valley in the context of a plan implemented on the land. This plan aims to join the four settlements (Shdemot Mechola, Rotem, Givat Silit and Maskiot) into a large settlement bloc. This will be the first settlement city to be established by the occupation on the lands of the northern Jordan Valley, in a way to serve the plan to judaize the Jordan Valley and uproot the Palestinian existence there.

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