Arrests of Civilians – 08-06-2014

Jerusalem – The Israeli forces arrested the youth Mohammed Firawi from the neighborhood of the African community adjacent to the Al-Aqsa Mosque from An-Nathir gate side, and took him to one of their centers in the occupied Jerusalem; note that Firawi is a student in high school ‘Tawjihi’.

Ramallah – The Israeli forces arrested Mohammed Mustafa A’ta, from Deir Abu Mesha’al village.

Qalqilia – The Israeli occupation forces arrested Khaled Mohammed Nazzal, from Qalqilya.

Nablus – The Israeli occupation forces stormed the old town and arrested each of Ali Nidal Abu Shamat and Amjad Tahsein Khadir Anabtawi.

Hebron – The Israeli forces arrested each of Salama Sulayman Da’ajna (17 years), and Mohammed Abdullah Abu Ta’ima (19 years) and took them to an unknown destination, when they stormed Al-Fawwar camp.

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