Arrests of Civilians – 16-06-2014

Ramallah – IOF raided al-Jalazoun refugee camp and arrested: Khalled Amer, Adnan Hattab, Abed al-Haleem Ghanam, Monzer A’lian and Usama Nakhle.

Jenin – IOF raided Jenin refugee camp and stormed a house belonging to Ibrahim Hussein Jaber 55-year-old before arresting him.

Tulkarm – IOF raided the city of Tulkarm and arrested Sofian Stetiah 45-year-old. They also stormed the village of Dir al-Ghsoun and arrested As’ad Basheer Badran 28-year-old.

Nablus – IOF raided the village of “Tall” and searched a number of houses and detained dozens of citizens in the school of “Tall” and investigated them. Soldiers arrested Ahmad Hashem Hamzah 30-year-old and Mahmoud Saqer Asidah 30-year-old.

Hebron – IOF arrested Anan Ismael Zreqat, Abed al-Rahman Eisa Shalaldeh, Bajes Mohammad Ishaq Abi Eishe, Izz al-Din Shehdeh Akram Abu Sneeneh, Ahmad Abu Shkheedem, Mohammad Fayez, Jameel and Kareem and Akram Ismael Abu Isheh, the two brothers Sameeh and Zaher Jameel Atiyah Abu Eisheh, Mahmoud Hazem Bakri, Maher Musa Eisa Shayoukhi, Mohannad Eisam Za’tari, Hassan Mohammad Saeed Haddad and Mohammad Maher Bader.

Hebron – IOF arrested Monzer Mohammad Hareez, Ata Saeed Abu Ramouz, Jawad Bahar Natshi, Firas Wael Abu Sharkh, Shadi Mohammad Awiwi, Hamza Abed al-Jabar Zghayer, Amro Maher Obido, Adeeb Ameen Qaqasmi and Zaid Qawasmi, Nour al-Din Qawasmi. IOF also raided the town of Doura and arrested Mohammad Kamel Qateet, and Ahmad Mahmoud Al-Teti from Arroub.

Hebron – IOF arrested Palestinian members of Parliament: Azeez Dweek, Basem Ahmad Za’areer from al-Samou’, Sameer Qadi from Soureef, Azzam Nu’man Salhab from Hebron and Mohammad Ismael al-Tal from al-Zahreyah.

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