Storming Districts – 21-06-2014

Nablus – The Israeli occupation forces continued their military operations in different parts of Nablus. The operations expanded in the latest hours to include the most of the camps and a large number of the neighborhoods in the city and the surrounding villages. These operations included Al-Jabal As-Shamali, As-Sikka Road, Faisal Road and A’skar Al-Jadeid area, with the participation of portable troops.

Nablus – The occupation forces stormed Salem and Tel towns, raided several houses, and inspected them accurately in an operation that lasted for hours.

Bethlehem – The Israeli occupation forces stormed the headquarters of Orphan Care Association in Bethlehem, and confiscated computers from it.

Bethlehem – The Israeli forces stormed Jurat As-Shama’a village, south of Bethlehem and raided the houses of the citizens. A large force of the Israeli army stormed the village, spread out in its neighborhoods and streets, and raided the houses and inspected them and tampered with their contents. The Israeli soldiers stationed on the roof of a house belonging to Ibrahim Harb Shuka. They used it as a control point to watch the movement of citizens.

Hebron – The Israeli forces stormed Al-U’mari mosque in Halhul, profaned it and tampered with its contents.

Hebron – The Israeli occupation forces moved into the northern entrances to Hebron and hindered the movement of people and vehicles on these entrances.

Hebron – The Israeli occupation forces Ithna town, and took a school in it as a military base. Large forces stormed the town after closing its main entrances fully, and transformed Ithna secondary school for boys into a military base. The Israeli forces began a wide search campaign to the houses of the citizens in a number of neighborhoods and areas in the town, including Khallat Al-Ghazal, Wade Reisha and Bi’r Al-Balad area.

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