Weekly Report on Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory From (10/05/2018 to 16/05/2018)

Weekly Report on Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

The occupied Palestinian territory is witnessing more Israeli war crimes

From (10/05/2018 to 16/05/2018)


During the period covered by the present report, Israeli Occupation Forces continued their grave and systematic violations of the rules of international humanitarian law and international human rights law in the occupied Palestinian territory. During the week covered by this report, Israeli occupation forces increased the excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians participating in protest demonstrations following the US President Donald Trump announcement that Jerusalem is the capital of the Israeli occupation state and transferring the US Embassy to it on 14/5/2018, and that constituted a dangerous precedent in contravention of international law.



  • Occupation forces continue to use lethal force against peaceful Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip
  • (46) Palestinian civilians including (7) children and a physically disabled civilian martyred in another bloody week
  • (2024) civilians, including (328) children, (74) women, and (20) journalists, and (5) paramedics were injured.
  • (62) Palestinian civilians, including (5) children, two women and two journalists, were injured in the West Bank
  • Occupation forces carried out (91) incursions in the West Bank and (7) incursions in occupied Jerusalem Governorate.
  • (123) citizens, including (13) children and (3) woman and girls were arrested, 52 of them were arrested in Jerusalem Governorate.
  • The Israeli occupation authorities continue to Judaize the occupied East Jerusalem
  • The occupation forces continue to divide the West Bank into cantons and continue its unjust blockade on Gaza Strip for the eleventh consecutive year and hindering the movement of Palestinian citizens in the West Bank at flying and permanent checkpoints

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