“Fridge Seller” Got Martyred in Gaza

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced at the dawn of Saturday 26/5/2018 the death of Hussein Salem Abu Aweida, 41 years, due to wounds he sustained a few days ago during the return marches. The martyr is known in the return marches as the “Fridge Seller”.

Abu Oweida was injured after going to the marches hoping that he would return with food for his children, but he returned carried by ambulances to Al-Shifa compound as a result of a bullet in his spine.

The death of the “Fridge Seller” brings the number of martyrs to 116, while the number of wounded exceeded 13 thousand, including 335 wounded seriously.  

One of the occupation army leaders will tell us that the Fridge Seller was a terrorist who threatened the lives of the occupation soldiers to justify the crime.

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