He Did Not Survive Cancer, So He Died While Waiting an Interview with Israeli Intelligence, in Hope to Get Treatment

Massoud Abu Saqer suffered a long journey of pain with cancer, that turned his life into a series of troubles. However, Israeli occupation combined with his disease, made his life much more difficult.

Massoud Abdel-Hai Abu Saqer, 49 years, from the northern Gaza Strip, died at Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing. He was there on 19/6/2018, in order to meet Israeli intelligence service, which requested it as a condition for considering his permit application to receive treatment a Jerusalem hospital.

The sick citizen Abu Sakr died five minutes after entering the crossing.

Citizen Abu Saqer earlier applied for a permit for treatment after doctors discovered a tumor in his right kidney since mid-December 2017. However, occupation forces rejected the request three consecutive times.

The statistics indicate that the procedures imposed by the occupation forces since the beginning of the year 2018, caused the death of (7) patients, including (3) women. Meanwhile, Israeli forces arrested (7) citizens, including (4) patients and their companions after obtaining a permit.

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