A Warm Reception for the Murderous Soldier Azaria, at the crime scene, in Which he Killed a Wounded Palestinian.

Dozens of settlers participated in the reception of the murdered soldier, Eleazar Azaria, who was released after serving a light sentence (9 months), after he executed the Palestinian youth Abdel-Fattah Sharif from Hebron. a ceremonial festival was held for the murderous soldier, at the crime scene, in the neighborhood of Tel Rumeida.

The murderous soldier Azaria arrived at the scene of killing in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in the center of Hebron, amid a crowd of settlers who hugged him and took pictures with him while cheering.

Azarua was convicted with killing Sharif, and spent light sentence in prison, before releasing him On May 8. He was released from Military Prison 4 in  Israel after a third of the sentence was reduced, after spending only 9 months in prison out of 14 months.

The military court which convicted Azariah, confirmed that he had executed Sharif  for his intention to retaliate. Last September, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot decided to reduce the soldier’s death penalty to four months.

The Israeli right, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, supported the murderer and expressed sympathy for him, and exerted pressure to ease the prison sentence.

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