The occupation is investigating itself to protect its soldiers from international prosecutions

According to “Haaretz” newspaper on Thursday evening, July 26, 2018. Israeli reports indicated that the Israeli occupation army is expected to announce that its soldiers did not violate the rules of fire during their dispersion of demonstrations of peaceful “return marches”, east of Gaza Strip.

The source said that the internal investigations inside the occupation army concluded that there was no violation of the rules of fire, therefore there will not be an investigation in the Israeli military police.

The source added that “in cases where the demonstrators were killed, the shooting was not directed at them,” according to investigations of an internal committee in the occupation army headed by General Moti Baruch, but resulted from “an operational problem.”

This investigation comes as a pre-emptive measure against the international investigation adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council last May. As the international law gives internal investigations special importance that might, in many cases, lead to replace the international investigations by them in light of the United Nations declaration on the appointment of a commission of inquiry in the crimes of the occupation in Gaza.

Through investigations, the occupation seeks to protect its officers and soldiers from international judicial convictions, as well as to protect them from opening investigation files in the International Court of Justice in The Hague, thus prosecute them criminally for war crimes.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 152 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bullets since the beginning of the “Return Marches” lately in last March, including 18 children, 2 medical staff and 2 journalists.

“The number of injuries by live bullets was 4250, 534 with rubber-coated bullets, 7, 536 with gas inhalation, and 4, 430 with shrapnel.” Including 3,200 children and about 1,385 women.

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