Photos and video – Racist Slogans Written by Terrorist Settlers in Jerusalem

A number of settlers wrote on Sunday morning 19-8-2018 racist slogans and damaged the tires of vehicles of Palestinians from Issawiya town in occupied Jerusalem.

The settlers stormed the town and wrote racist slogans on the walls of the neighborhood and on one vehicle, it says: “the Arabs of Jerusalem are terrorists.” They also damaged the tires of more than 15 vehicles belonging to Palestinians of the neighborhood.

Al-Issawiya committees and societies called the Israeli police to arrest and prosecute the settlers who assaulted the town. They confirmed that all the entrances to the town and the surrounding French Hill settlement are equipped with surveillance cameras controlled by the Israeli police, which are usually used as a basis for arresting Palestinian youths in Jerusalem. However, the occupation police did nothing to arrest racist settlers who threaten Palestinians in Jerusalem.

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