Arrests of Civilians – 24-06-2014

Jerusalem – IOF raided Sho’fat refugee camp and arrested Motee’ Abu Zaid 23-year-old.

Special units of Israeli police arrested the student Tamer Shala’tah and sent him into one of its stations.

Ramallah – IOF raided the town of Beetonia and stormed a factory in the industrial area and arrested its owner: Hassan Saleh Suliman.

Jenin – IOF raided Beet al-Basha town and arrested Shareef Hussein Ghawadreh 50-year-old.

Jenin – IOF raided the town of Arraba and stormed a house belonging to Yousef Mustafa Shibani and arrested his brother before destroying the contents of his house and stealing 5000 Shekels.

Jenin – Special Israeli unit kidnapped Mahdi Hassan Hefawi (escort of ex-minister of detainees affairs).

Qalqilia – IOF arrested Ali Assaf, Ameen Atef Eissa and Mustafa Ali Abdullah.

Nablus – IOF raided the village of Tall and arrested Nemer Khaled Hendi.

Bethlehem – IOF raided the village of Hermleh and arrested Naji Ali Atallah 35-year-old and Bassam Ibrahim al-Zeer 32-year-old after storming their houses.

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