Photos – Occupied Jerusalem: Israeli occupation demolishes two Palestinian houses accommodating 14 people

Jerusalem, 8-12-2018

Cold weather and rain in the occupied Jerusalem city did not prevent Hashima family from demolishing two houses belonging to the family built 20 years ago in Silwan town by themselves under the threat of occupation.

The two brothers, Juhar and Murad Hashima, have started to empty their homes in Wadi Qaddum neighborhood in Silwan of their contents for several days. They have been demolishing them since the early hours of the morning as the occupation municipality has given them a chance until the 10th of this month. Otherwise it will do so and the family will pay the demolition costs for the bulldozers of the occupation and their crews.

Over the past 20 years, Hashimah family has tried to license the two houses and save them from demolition, but the municipality rejected that and issued its final decision to demolish them in last June.

As a result of the demolition, Hashima two families with their 14 members, mostly children, became with no shelter.

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