Human rights organization: Israeli “warning bombing” killed two Palestinian boys in Gaza

B’Tselem’s report on the death of the two young men, Lu’ai Kheil and Amir al-Nimra, said that on July 14, 2018, at around 18:00, the Israeli air force fired four missiles at Al-Katiba building west of Gaza City. The first rocket killed the two young Palestinians, Louai Kahil and Amir al-Nimra, who were sitting on the roof of the building. In four targeting cases followed the first one and were stronger than it, 23 Palestinians were injured, and two neighboring buildings, a cultural center and a mosque were damaged.


Forensic Architecture organization has adopted all these materials to rebuild the chronology of attacks.

Investigation Results

The investigation revealed that the video tape that was published by the occupation army spokesman, has the scene of the launch of the first warning missile and its lethal consequences been deleted. It was replaced by the scene of firing one of the other three “warning missiles”, which was filmed from a different angle.

Ammunition experts consulted by Forensic Architecture and B’Tselem have independently concluded that the pattern of fragmentation in the deadly scene indicates that the missile contained fragments, ammunition used to increase the impact of the strike. This fact proves the lies of the army’s claims that it fired rockets with the aim of warning only.

Nicholas Mastston, a researcher at Forensic Architecture and project coordinator said: “The documentation of the incident by means of ordinary cameras and video cameras enabled us to refute the army’s claims,”. “This enabled us not only to show that Kahil and Nemara were killed by a lethal missile.”

Eyal Weizman, Director of Forensic Architecture, said: “The warnings are fired by Israel with the same missiles intended to kill, so it is not surprising that these” warning missiles “could kill civilians.

Haggai Elad, Director-General of B’Tselem, said: “The air attacks on Gaza are propagated by the Israeli army as surgical operations aimed at protecting civilians with Precision-guided munition, but in reality it is nothing more than propaganda. What the truth provides is the horrible destruction to civilians. Monitoring tools that do not distinguish between combatants and boys and failed intelligence

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