Safad Rabbi Addresses Friends of Murderers of the Palestinian Aesha Al-Rabi: “The Prison is the Gateway to the Peak”.

Samoel Elyaho, Rabbi of Safad city, a notable rabbi in the religious Zionism, said during a “religious” lesson, that he talked to youth of “Bari Haaretz” school, in which 5 students are suspected of killing the Palestinian Aesha al-Rabi, and informed them that the judiciary system is biased against them. He said “I said all these mates! what happened? what are they accusing you about? you threw stones, do you know the number of stones thrown in Judea and Samaria Area, and that the army did not do anything!?”

In a 40-minute video, Rabbi Elyahoo said that Suspected youth must not fear the prison, because those” whom who get out of prison are kings”, which means that their way to the leadership of the state is through prison.

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