Curfew 19-07-2014

Israeli forces stormed Fahma village and erected a military checkpoint southwest of Jenin. They stormed Fahma and drove their military vehicles in its alleys and streets in provocative step.

Clashes erupted with the occupation forces were concentrated in the area of A’ssedah in Beit Ummar, during which Israeli forces fired rubber-coated metal bullets and stun grenades and no injuries were reported. The occupation forces stormed a house belonging to Ahmed Mahmoud A’lami and got them and his four children out of the house. His sons are Mahmoud (13 years old) and Ma’mon (12 years old) and Nour (10 years) and Yusef (9 years), they also detained Mohamed Abdel Hamid Mahmoud Alami (14 years) and two sisters; Mannar (19 years old) and Mena (12 years) as a human shield on a rooftops. They forced them to stand at gunpoint, where some youths throwing stones at Israeli forces the army of occupation also stormed Safa area north of the town and fired live bullets and tear gas toward the citizens what caused gas suffocation.
The occupation forces stormed a number of houses in the city of Hebron which belong Rabe’ Karamah in the neighborhood of Abu Aktalh in Hebron.

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