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Settler Violations Against Palestinians in the West Bank During 2018

Settler violations against Palestinians in the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem increased in 2018 generally. The violations were focused in areas where clashes between settlers and Palestinian gatherings tempered, in particular the following governorates: Hebron, Nablus, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Ramallah.


The number of settlements in the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem has reached (198) settlements, inhabited by (675,000) settlers.

“Tag Price” terrorist settlers organizations headed the worst violations against Palestinians. (It was established in 2008 inside the Talmudic institutes in the settlement of Yetshar south of Nablus).

In 2018, Knesset approved a law that allows all settlers to get a military training of infantry-solders with carrying weapons, which means an increased numbers of weapon-holding licenses for about 250,000 settlers.

In 2018, settlers gangs established (9) new settlement posts, that increased the whole number of random settlements to (220) in the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem.

Details in Settler Violations During 2018

  1. Martyrs

Settler violations led to the murder of 8 Palestinians in 2018, two children are among of them.

  1. Injuries

Settler violations led to the injury of 233 injuries, 28 children and 6 women are among of them.

  1. Uprooting and burning trees

Settler gangs burned and uprooted 6350 trees in 2018

  1. Car ramming

Settler gangs carried out 43 car ramming attacks against Palestinians

  1. Establishing settlement putposts

Supported politically by Israeli government, settler gangs established 9 new settlement outposts at the expense on Palestinian land, in particular in Hebron, Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Qalqilia and Salfit.

  1. Land razing

Israeli bulldozers razed more than 700 dunums of Palestinian land  in the purpose of settlement of expansion in more than 130 dunums of Palestinian land owned by citizens in the town of Jaloud south of Nablus.

  1. Storming ancient and religious places

Settlers gangs increased their attacks on ancient and religious places in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, including al-Aqsa mosque, being raided by more than 30,000 settlers, as well as Israeli intelligence officers. This ups to the maximum number of storms since 1967, besides raids against religious places.

  1. Attacks against Palestinian vehicles

Settler violations damaged more than 550 Palestinian vehicles owned by citizens in the West Bank.

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