B’Tselem – Interval between time Palestinian car hit Israeli troops near village of Kafr Ni’ma and the fatal shooting of two of the car’s passengers raises grave concerns

On Monday, 4.3.2019, at night, the occupation army entered the Palestinian village of Kafr Ni’ma, which lies west of Ramallah. The soldiers arrested a resident and left the village. According to the Occupation Army Spokesperson, one of the vehicles got stuck at the eastern exit from the village, and soldiers and Border Police arrived to guard it.

That night, what happened was merely an accident with the car that the three Palestinians: Amir Dar Daraj (21), Yusef ‘Anqawi (19) and H.’A. (17) drove. The driver hit the occupation military vehicle stuck in the crossroad. Ten seconds after the collision, a single gunshot was heard and the occupation forces opened fire at the passengers.

The video footage documented the incident streamed on Facebook Live reveals that it had been four and a half minutes between the claim of the run-over near the village of Kafr Ni’ma and the start of the occupation soldiers to shoot at the passengers of the Palestinian car. Of the 10 bullets fired by the occupation soldiers, nine were fired after a while. A forensic examination of the clothes of the two young men, Yusuf Anqawi and Amir Daraj, showed remnant of gunfire. In the footage, the Palestinian car is seen driving down the road.

The testimonies, the videotape and the forensic examination show one picture that the occupants of the car, who were martyred in this incident, were shot by the occupation soldiers several minutes after the collision. This time difference raises questions about things that have nothing to do with the question that this incident has started with a run-over.

The facts described in B’Tselem’s report raise grave suspicions that the circumstances of the shooting in this incident were not so, contrary to the claims of the army spokesman.

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