One Million Palestinians Experienced Detention Since 1967

(5700) Male and Female Palestinian Prisoners are in Israeli prisons Until Now, Among of Them Are:

(250) children

(36) Jerusalemites under house arrest, and (5) minors are detained in what is so-called houses of detention.

(47) female prisoners.

(6) members of parliament

(500) administrative detainees

(700) patient detainees, among of them are 300 ill with cancer

(56) prisoners who have been in jail for more than consecutive 20 years

(26) prisoners who were detained before the Oslo Accords.

(570) prisoners are sentenced for life sentence , some of them are judged with more than one life-sentence judgment

(218) martyrs died in Israeli prisons since 1967, among them are:

(73) prisoners were killed as a result of torture

(63) prisoners died as a result of medical negligence

(7) prisoners were killed as a result of suppression and live-bullets fire toward them by Israeli soldiers.

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