Protected by its judicial system – the occupation is stealing the history of Palestinians buried in their land

In the framework of constant violations practiced by the occupation authorities against Palestinians, lately the violation against the history buried in the Palestinian land, which the occupation authorities steal by Israeli archaeologists involved in this crime, which contradict international laws and treaties, foremost of which is the 1954 Hague Convention.

Last week, the Israeli High Court of Justice rejected a call to disclose information about archaeological excavations carried out by Israeli archaeologists in the occupied West Bank.

This call was submitted by the two Israeli organizations “Yesh Din and Imek Shaveh” to have the names of archaeologists who carry out excavations, and a list of museums, institutions and places where archaeological finds are exposed.

According to Haaretz newspaper, the court justified its decision by saying “the publishing such information will reveal the identities of those who carry out excavations and expose them to academic boycott and harm future political negotiations and excavations themselves.”

Both judges of the Israeli Supreme Court, Yosef Alron and Noam Solberg, approved the prosecution’s claim that revealing the names of those who carry out the excavations would harm them. Alron wrote in his decision: “There is a clear and real fear that publishing would cause a real impact on their professional and economic interests and their institutions, and expose them to an academic boycott, in a manner that could affect their research work and academic future.”

Alron adopted the prosecution’s claim that disclosing such information would harm Israel’s foreign relations, including future political negotiations with the Palestinians.

It is known that Hague Convention of 1954 prohibits the occupying state to remove the archeological remains from the occupied area.

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