134 Israeli Violations Against Journalists During The First Half of 2019

Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists is continuously and significantly increasing. The first half of this year witnessed 134 violations against journalists in the occupied Palestinian land, 16 of them took place during June.

Occupation forces are still chasing and targeting journalists as well as arresting them in a systematic policy of confiscating truth, silencing mouths and  suppressing freedom of opinion in order to conceal its crimes and prevent them from reaching the world.

Israeli violations against journalists is more than 134 between 1-1-2019 and 30-6-2019, as follows:

28 violations during January.

14 violations during February.

38 violations during March.

13 violations during April.

25 violations during May.

16 violations during June.

The total number of journalists wounded by rubber bullets, tear gas and beatings between 1-1-2019 and 30-6-2019 is 85.

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