Arrests 15-8-2016

Ramallah: Israeli forces arrested the citizens Oudeh Dawood Abu Radaha 28-year-old and Mohammed Dawood Abu Radaha 24-year-old.

Bethlehem: Israeli forces stormed the town of Taqou and arrested Mohammed Khalad Sabah 25-year-old, Ali Deyab Sabah 18-year-old and Qusai Hassan Omor.

Bethlehem: IOF arrested Motasem Ayoub Jaber 24-year-old and Musa Mohammed Abed Rabo 26-year-old.

Nablus: IOF arrested the citizen Hodayfa Hamdan.

Jenin: IOF stormed Jenin and arrested Nedal Yaqoub Nofeat.

Jenin: IOF stormed the Jenin refugee camp and arrested Momen Sabagh 22-year-old and Mohammed al-Motasem Bellah Abu al-Hassan 18-year-old.

Tulkarm: Israeli forces arrested Mohammed Tahseen Ahmad Abed al-Dayem 18-year-old and Ibrahim Ayman Ibrahim Najar 20-year-old.

Tulkarm: IOF arrested Ahmad Hazem Mahmoud 23-year-old and Ayman Foad Ghannam Kanouh 31-year-old.

Qalqilia: Israeli forces arrested Nour Harb Olyan.

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