Arrests of Civilians – 02-07-2014

Ramallah – IOF raided the village of Dir Ghasaneh and arrested university student Musallam Barghouthi.

Jenin – IOF raided the city of Jenin and arrested Saleh Mutlaq Saadi 32-year-old, the two brothers Fathi 27-year-old and Anas Mohammad Atoum 25-year-old.

Jenin – IOF raided the town of Al-Yamoon and arrested ex-detainee Naseem Mohammad Zayed 29-year-old. IOF also raided the village of Sila Hartheya and arrested Yahya Saeed Zyoud 61-year-old and Hassan Mustafa Jaradat 31-year-old

Nablus – IOF raided the city of Nablus and the tow refugee camps of Balata and al-Ein, and arrested 8 citizens: Ahmad Dawla, ex-detainee Abdullah al-Ikir, Sameh al-Asmar, Anan Bashaker, Omar Mayadmeh, Omar Abu Khameel, Ehab Zaid and Omar Darawshe.

Nablus – IOF raided the town of Salfit and arrested Azeez Fatash.

Bethlehem – IOF arrested 3 workers from the town of Beet Fajjar: Majdi Abed al-Hakeem Taqatqah, Nazar Yousef Taqatqah and Eyad Mohammad Taqatqah.

Bethlehem – IOF raided the town of Taqou’ and arrested Mohammad Saleem Sabbah 20-year-old and Musa Mohammad Awad Rashaydeh 30-year-old from the village of al-Rashaydeh.

Bethlehem – Israeli intelligence arrested the boy Abed al-Hadi Hammad from the city of Bethlehem.

Bethlehem – IOF severely beaten up Ahmad Hassan Heih from the tow of Sorief.

Hebron – IOF raided the town of Dura and arrested Rezq Abdullah Rjoub, Ahmad Suliman Qeeq and Jamal Hussein Awawdeh and sent them into unknown destination.

Hebron – IOF raided the city of Hebron and arrested 4 citizens: Fathi Suliman Joulani, Monzer Jab’ah, Jawad Karaki and Belal Mohtaseb.

Hebron – IOF raided the town of Beet Kahel and arrested Kayed Atawneh and sent him into unknown detonation.

Hebron – IOF arrested Mohammad Falah Hamdi Abu Maria 23-year-old near the military tower located at the entrance of Beet Ummar village near Hebron.

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