In Continuation of Settlement Policy, a New Settlement Neighborhood in The Occupied West Bank is Inaugurated

In Continuation of the official Settlement Policy adopted by the rightist Israeli government, what is so-called the president of  “Shomron” settlements council (North of the West Bank), Yosi Dagan, inaugurated on Wednesday 7-8-2019 a new settlement Neighborhood called “Leshem” on the Palestinian lands, with the presence of Israeli deputy minister of interior, Rabbi “Eli Ben Dahan”, and settlement council presidents. This settlement Neighborhood will absorb 42 families of settlers. It was built by “Kadma” company.

Yosi Dagan said that “Settlements of Shomron are expanding rapidly .. and that the outpost of “Leshem” is a clear model for good and fast settlement”.

Israeli deputy minister of interior, Rabbi “Eli Ben Dahan” said that “construction in (the West Bank) is expanding, stating that construction of this new neighborhood embodies the Biblical verse of building “Shomron” (North of West Bank)”. He also said that “Israeli people has returned to his home in commitment to the Bible, and there for will inhabit everywhere in it”.

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