Netanyahu: we will impose “Jewish sovereignty” on all settlements in the West Bank

In a new challenge to international legitimacy and international law and to undermine all the agreements signed, and stressing that he is not a partner in the vision of peace based on a two-state solution, Benjamin Netanyahu said that he would: “declare Israeli sovereignty over all settlements” in the occupied West Bank.

Netanyahu said on Sunday 1-9-2019 during the opening of  the school year in the settlement of “Alcana”: “Remember, while you are in this place, this is the land of Israel, our land. We will not evacuate  anyone from here. “.

Netanyahu added: “We are building new houses here … We will build  another ‘Alcana’, and another.”

Netanyahu reassured his statements last July that he would not allow the evacuation of any settlements saying: “We are working hard to boost settlement projects, which require money, determination and overcoming pressure, which all governments under my leadership, with the help of God, and with your help, have done. We will continue to do this together. “

Netanyahu continued, “This is a pledge, it is not limited within a period of time, I say it as a personal pledge no settlement can be uprooted from the land of Israel, we are done  with this nonsense.”

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