The Israeli separation wall divides the Pisgat Zeev Israeli Settlement, on the left, and the Shuafat Refugee Camp, on the right, outside Jerusalem, January 25, 2011. Al-Jazeera released leaked documents called the "Palestine Papers" that reveal that Palestinian negotiators were willing to compromise on the issues of Jerusalem and refugees during peace talks with Israel in 2008. UPI/Debbie Hill

Video: In The Framework of Great Jerusalem Plan, Settlement Associations Take Over A Land In The Town Of Beit Jala

In 3-9-2019, Settlers erected a mobile house in the heart of Wadi Al-Makhroz to the west of Beit Jala, a Palestinian land owned by one of the Palestinian locals. Settlers started establishing water, electricity and phone lines in the land under the protection of Israeli soldiers.

The place where the caravan is erected, hundreds of meters away from the tunnel dividing Beit Jala lands, is considered a link between occupied Jerusalem and settlements located to the west and south of Bethlehem.

Such a step is doomed strategic for settlers and occupation government who seek to implement Great Jerusalem Plan. So Al-Makhroz lands would be part of Great Jerusalem Plan in case this plan is implemented.

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