Settlers roistering – 05-07-2014

Jenin – Dozens of settlers from ‘Mapuduttan’ and ‘Hermesh’ settlements built on the lands of Ya’bad town, southwest of Jenin, burned tires and committed roistering acts along the town. Settlers burned tires on the Junction of Kvert village and Ya’bad town and in the plain agricultural lands; they committed roistering acts amid repeating racist slogans and chants against Arab, waving Israeli flags.

Jerusalem – A number of settlers were seen at Prophet Jacob Junction.

Jerusalem – A number of settlers threw stones at citizens’ cars in As-Sawwana neighborhood.

Jerusalem – A number of settlers gathered on Abu Ghneim roundabout.

Nablus – A number of settlers gathered in An-Nsariyya and Badhan villages, and another group near Urif School.

Nablus – The youth Tariq A’dela (22 years) was injured after being attacked by a group of settlers in Usarein village, south of Nablus.

Bethlehem – The boy A’laa Moussa A’bayyat (17 years) from Kisan village, east of Bethlehem, was injured after a settler ran over him and fled, the boy was transferred to Beit Jala Hospital for treatment and his injury was described as moderate.

Bethlehem – Settlers chased the boy Qasim Ayesh 12 years, while he was in his family’s land in ‘Khallit An-Nahla’ area near Wad Rahal village to collect snake cucumber fruits, pointing out that the child turned to his uncle, who was present to protect it.

Bethlehem – Settlers bulldozed, under the protection of the occupying forces, settlement bypass routes in Thahr Al-Kharrouba’ area, east of Tekoa town, owned by Al-A’mur family, in order to connect the Natural reserve to ‘Nokadim’, and ‘Ad-David’ settlements.

Hebron – A number of settlers were seen in Beit Ainun area.

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