The American radio personality, Kim Iversen, what I saw in the occupied West Bank and what the Israelis are doing against the Palestinians is wrong, hateful and must stop

That’s what (Kim Iversen) said. I came back from the West Bank:

Before this trip I had no Palestinian friends, I don’t think so, but now I have a few of them, and I have a lot of Jewish friends. Therefore, I don’t have an agenda that might belong to the Palestinians, but I am an American paying taxes that are heavily – if not entirely –funding the Israeli army.

One side has the power, the Israelis, the ones who have the power to oppress and violate human rights against the Palestinians, and the Palestinians have no power or ability to possess the same power to repress and violate the human rights against the Israelis.

There is no justification for the human rights violations that I saw there, there is no justification whatsoever. That generated a conflict inside me. What I saw was terrible. The oppression and violations that I saw were very horrible. I did not believe that a group would do this to another group. This is beyond my imagination, especially when I think about the people who do this, because I think about the Jewish people and what they have gone through, how could they turn in this way and do things that look similar against another group of people!

The oppressed is now the one who is practicing oppression. I cannot tell what I saw in words, because it is incredible, frankly incredible. I didn’t believe that until I saw it myself. They hinder the economy and freedom of movement. The water situation is one of the worst human rights violations I have seen there.

Bernie Sanders has spoken recently to condemn the racial Israeli government and the treatment of the Palestinian people. I can tell you directly that the situation is much worse than any one of us can describe, but it is unbelievable that people who adopt the principles of the West may do such things to another group of people, all that is in the name of “Security,” they say, “for security reasons.”

Now, I know that I will be hated and I will be accused of being “anti-Semitic”. We must make a distinction between right and wrong. When we see something wrong, we should call it and say it is “wrong,” regardless of the consequences, and for me there will be consequences.

I live in Los Angeles and I have many Jewish friends in my previous and current field, I don’t know what will happen to this channel (via YouTube), or will Israel allow me to return there, I don’t know what the consequences of speaking publicly, but all I know is that whenever I think about this and try to make a neutral video, I couldn’t post it because I wouldn’t tolerate myself.

Because the truth must be said in the end, and the fact that what the Israelis are doing against the Palestinians is wrong, hateful and beyond imagination and must stop.

The experience of being there was incredible. I didn’t understand it until I came back to home and started to feel very angry, shocked and disgusted.

It should be said that every American I met and every Westerner spent time in the West Bank or Gaza with the Palestinians or spent time with them or slept in Palestine and had food or travelled with the Palestinians, everyone I know and did so has left disgusting, each one of them.

I have never met anyone who has experienced it without expressing disgust at human rights violations against these people (Palestinians), because what happens to them is a complete destruction of their morale, theft of their money and forcing them to identify themselves by carrying their identity cards wherever they go, water is not provided to them, there is no special hygiene for them, There is no free access to each other and to schools and roads, in the West Bank there are special roads for Israelis, can you imagine that ??? !!

 They have built roads separated by a wall and Palestinians and Israelis walk along different paths, and these roads are spreading in the West Bank, which should be a part of Palestine.

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