The United Nations: “22 Thousand settlement Units In Palestinian Territories In 3 Years”

On Thursday 19-12-2019, The United Nations issued a report at the UNSC stating that number of Israeli settlement units, to be built in the Palestinian territories  by Israel, or approved by Israeli occupation authorities, reached 10,000 units, compared to 6,800 units during the past two years.

The report added that “since 2016, Israeli occupation developed or approved plans to build more than 200,000 new settlement units in the settlements located in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Meanwhile, 8,000 united were declared on tender.

The UNSC discussed the report of the twelfth Secretary General pertaining UNSC resolution 2334, which covers the period between 12 September and  6 of December, 2019.

Resolution 2334 states that settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories  established since 1967, including East Jerusalem, have no legal legitimacy, and violate international law, and is undermining the way to achieve two-state solution and a just in inclusive peace agreement.

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