Malik, an 8 year child lost his eye and most of  his dreams due to an Israeli occupation  bullet.

Malik Wael Issa, an eight-year-old Palestinian boy, is not a terrorist and he was not targeting anyone, but he was returning from his school dreaming to return to it the next day looking for education  and dreaming  of colorful future. However, an Israeli soldier decided to end all of his dream with a rubber bullet that went Directly to wrench his innocent face.

Malik was shot on Saturday 15/2/2020 while  he  was  heading  home with his sisters to their house in Al-Issawiya after the end of their school day, and after the bus stopped at the station they entered a nearby grocery to buy necessities, and after leaving Malik was targeted with a rubber bullet that hit him in the face, which led to the loss of his eye and  bleeding in the brain and  a broken skull.

Later on Sunday, February 23-2020, doctors eradicated  the  left eye  of  Malik Wael Issa, as a result of  the injury.

Doctors were unable to suture the internal wound of  the eye, last week in two surgeries they tried to suture the wound to keep the eye in but their efforts failed.

so doctors decided to eradicate the eye, because  keeping it was a  danger to his life, as it is possible that the internal wound may become inflamed and inflammation  may extend to the brain and the  right eye due to fractures of the skull.

Malik’s father hoped that his child  injury would be the last case of eye  injury in the town of Al-Issawiya, saying, “Several cases of  Palestinians losing their  eyes happened over the past years due to rubber bullets”.

the father added :” by wounding Malik in the eye The soldier killed all members of  the family, and destroyed us. I demand  to put him in accountability and punishment”.

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