Arrests of Civilians – 09-07-2014

IOF arrested Khaleel al-Abed.
IOF arrested Nazeeh Abu Oun from the town of Jabaa, and another teenager from the town of Sabstia.

IOF arrested at Zaatara checkpoint Hussein Yahya Hussein Nuirat 30-year-old from the town of Maithaloon.

IOF arrested 4 citizens from Nablus, where as Israeli soldiers raided the area of Maajeen to the north of the city, while stormed a house belonging to Ghassan Douqan before arresting him. IOF also stormed Balata refugee camp and searched a number of houses and arrested Wael Hashash. In addition, IOF stormed the town of Beeta and searched a house belonging to the head of the village council (Oqman Dweekat) and arrested his son Rasheed.

IOF raided the town of Asira al-Qabalia and stormed a number of houses before arresting Waleed Talal Hamdan.
IOF arrested Saher Khaled Ali Sabbah 19-year-old and Omar Saleem Sabbah from the town of Taqou’, after storming their houses.
IOF arrested Mohammad Jabreen Omour 24-year-old and Mohannad Rab’e 19-year-old from the town of Yatta.

IOF arrested Mohannad Abu Atwan and Mazen Abu Atwan from the city of Hebron.

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